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The Tuesday Experience

Time: 6:00 - 8:00 PM. Dinner is always served! (food restrictions? give us a call)


September - December, 2022 - Beth Am Israel, Penn Valley, PA

January - May, 2023 - Beth Hillel - Beth El, Wynnewood, PA

Building on the idea of a thematic curriculum, the Tuesday LMAHH experience will compliment, enhance and deepen the learning taking place from one year to the next. We are excited to implement a more collaborative and team based approach. 

Tuesday evening will begin with chugim or electives, student and staff-run gatherings based on areas of interest, dinner and an enhanced and deepened version of our now famous current events update, "Jews in the News.”

Following that, we will have an hour of school-wide learning and programming. Team LMAHH is very excited to be working in greater collaboration with each other, engaging the entire school as one student body, but with maximum flexibility for adapting each week’s lesson and tailoring this to the students as needed. In the event that we need to respond to an urgent matter in the news, this gives us a space to do this as well.

Sunday Experiences

Periodically throughout the year, LMAHH will provide off-site experiential programming.

These are "pay as you go" trips and are not included in the regular LMAHH tuition.

Stay tuned for more information.


We have designed a unique 5-year curriculum designed specifically to allow a flexible learning environment without repetition.

Click Here for our five year outline.

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