Norman Einhorn, Director of LMAHH

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About Lower Merion Area Hebrew High

What We Do

LMAHH provides a weekly Jewish social and learning experience by bringing together Jewish teens,

grades 8-12.

There are four LMAHH partner synagogues: Adath Israel, Beth Am Israel, Beth Hillel-Beth El and Har Zion.

LMAHH welcomes with open arms Jewish teenagers who are affiliated with other synagogues or those who are unaffiliated.


During the teen years, perhaps more intensely than any other time of life, friendship groups are the most important factor in determining an individual’s participation in a particular activity.


In the Lower Merion community and immediate Philadelphia suburbs, we have synagogues that serve a diverse population who live in close proximity to one another. Each congregation has its own niche in the Jewish community and attracts members for a variety of reasons.


The options of different synagogues benefit the Jewish community by providing a range of options for expressing Jewish religious life. However, for the teens of our congregations, who attend the same constellation of schools, participate in the same constellation of activities and spend their summers at the same constellation of summer camps, the delineation according to synagogues often creates an artificial barrier from the way they experience the rest of their lives.

With this idea in mind, the Lower Merion Area Hebrew High (LMAHH) was created. Its purpose is to provide a weekly Jewish learning experience that more closely resembles our teens’ lives, by bringing all of our students together under one consolidated program. It also will ensure a positive social atmosphere for all students involved and provide our students with a diversity of viewpoints from educators across the Main Line and beyond.





Sundays 9:45 - 11:45 AM: Har Zion Temple, 1500 Hagys Ford Road, Penn Valley, PA

Tuesdays 6: 30 - 8:30 PM: Beth Am Israel, 1301 Hagys Ford Road, Penn Valley, PA



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