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Course Updates

Sunday Class Offerings

Hebrew Conversational Class with Shir Manloe

In the last few weeks of Hebrew class we focused on learning grammar. We learned how to convert different verbs to past and future tenses, and we now learn how to create sentences with the new verbs.

Project TEACH with Steve Goldberg

Project Teach  11th Grade  - In recent sessions, our focus has built on strengthening our ability to create an effective lesson plan. The components of an effective lesson plan, that we have, and will be studied and practiced in class, include Student Objectives, identifying the best Organizational Structure of the Lesson, Motivation for the lesson, proper Procedures, and the various ways the objectives can measured in student performance through Assignments and Evaluations. The Project Teach students will have opportunities to practice lesson planning in each of these areas.

Project Teach 12th Grade -  Our senior student teachers have been immersed in teaching and supporting the students and mentor teachers in their classrooms. Many of the student teachers have been busy teaching the spring holidays of Purim and Passover, and supporting the many activities that go along with each...from the Purim Carnival, to the Passover Model Seder. In addition to teaching the holidays, many students are currently strenghtening their  Hebrew language teaching skills working with individual and small groups of students in this area. Their is no more truly rewarding experience than being involved in teaching a child how to read, and our students are experiencing that. Overall, I am most proud of all of our seniors!!!

Current Events with Norman Einhorn

As usual, there has been no shortage of materials for our current events class! We have discussed the ongoing Israeli-Gaza conflict, President Trump’s Golan Heights declaration, AIPAC, Israeli elections, Israel’s Space IL lunar project and Anti-Semitism in the US Congress. Our discussions are always lively and respectful and it has been an absolute pleasure to teach this

amazing group of students! As this course continues, I hope and pray that the positive news someday outweighs the negative! Either way, our students have a good head on their shoulders! 

Jewish Art with Sara Chernov

In our art class we are exploring the works of Yaacov Agam. Agam is most known for his incredible artwork that can be seen all over the world and specifically in Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv. Agam believes that art should be experienced in multiple ways and using kinetic art to achieve that goal. We will be making his signature "Agamographs" to explore the way that sometimes our hearts and our brains might be opposites but when they come together they create who we are.  

Tuesday Class Offerings

Kabbalah with Yehudit Rubin

Welcome to the Kabbala class 2019

In our class we learn about the meaning of the Hebrew Alef Bet in Kabbalahand also Gematria-the value number of each letter.

Students are reading and discussion all about the story behind the Hebrew letters of the Alef bet.

Gematria is great and the student are learning how much their Hebrew name in numbers.

Please make sure your child knows his/her Hebrew name with the right spelling.

Another high light of our class is "Responsive class" which include all different Games in order to connect us together and the Kabbala. Students are learning to say simple sentences of greeting to each other and learning about each other as well.

Looking forward to a great semester.

Israel: Getting To The Heart Of It with Harold Messinger

This past month, we continued our exploration of different groups within Israeli society, focusing on Israeli Arab citizens and some of the unique challenges of being a minority ethnicity in a majority Jewish country. We also had a primer on the upcoming Israeli elections, and spent some class time focused on the current Prime Minister's legal troubles, his acceptance of far right racist parties to potentially sit in his government (should he win) and in general detailing some of the major issues facing the Israeli voting public. We will keep a close eye on this in the weeks to come. 


The major highlight was welcoming in a group of 8 Israelis- 4 Jewish and 4 Arab teens from the Galilee region. This delegation was greeted warmly by our students, who then engaged in a fun but intense hour of intimate conversation on the topics of culture, identity and community. Hats off to our LMAHH kids who jumped right in and to the amazing delegation of students who were eager to get into real conversations with our teens. 

Jewish Art with Sara Chernov

Our newest project focuses on the work of Marc Chagall. Chagall might be most famous for his stained glass windows, but he has been creating all different kinds of art for years. Our students are using the themes of Chagall's work by creating a light ring display. Chagall famously placed pieces of his past, present, and future into each artwork. Our students are creating light rings that represent where they have been, where they are and where they are going. They are beautiful and thoughtful pieces of art! 

Jews Who Rock with Harold Messinger

This past month saw our students 'take over' the class. We began with one student sharing an outstanding powerpoint (yes, kids will do LMAHH homework when it's fun and interesting!)

on her grandfather, who it turns out invented the CATSCAN machine. In a wonderful coincidence, one of our students recently needed a CATSCAN and the two students were able to connect over this incredible discovery! 

All in all our students have stepped up to share about Jews who rock, sing, act and invent life saving devices! 

Do We Believe in The Good Place? with Rabbi Marc Israel

Over the last several weeks we have covered a wide range of topics as we made our way through Season 2 of the Good Place. We have discussed topics such as Free Will v Determinism; How to Turn an Enemy into a Friend; Who Can You Trust?; Finding our Best Self; Situational Ethics v. Absolute Ethics, and Reincarnation. This past week we began season three with a discussion about the extent to which we believe God intervenes in our lives and what are the implications of God who does or doesn’t intervene into the natural course of human events. This week, we will look at how Judaism compares with Nihilism. 

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